31 March 2010

ashley's simple cure for jet lag

sleep. (i know right?)
lots of hugs and kisses from two precious little ones.

spend some time in the sun

have a Clamm family dinner at chipotle with the funniest sisters ever (if you're wanting to know just how funny...watch this)

also, sleep. :)

so there's this boy i like...

20 March 2010


i hope that my home in Madrid looks like this.

I'm going to Europe today.

I'm excited to see my friends in Poland. I'm excited to see my future home (Madrid). I'm excited that I get to spend this week with friends, my mom and my team. and I'm excited to meet Baby Harmon when we come home.

18 March 2010


also, i saw Alice in Wonderland last night. it is fantastic.

top 10 things i loved about today

10. it was sunny and warm
9. H's superhero pose
8. a nap snuggled up with my favorite little boy
7. meeting my mom and Blake for lunch
6. picking A up from school
5. family dinner at the grandparents
4. seeing the brother-cousins all week
3. reading outside & drinking toddy
2. my sisters
1. hugs and kisses

16 March 2010

perhaps someday i will live in this building

"Make sure to always have white woodwork, ceilings and floors. So when the sun comes out your home is instantly the happiest place on earth." -unknown

08 March 2010

i love flowers so much and i cannot wait for them to be inside and outside my house!

don't do that

second post in a row that i mention Harry Potter....so the truth is out there, i'm a Harry Potter dork. i also love to say to my roommate Bethany (or anyone else, but Beth in particular) "don't do that" for no reason. So needless to say i LOVE this picture. like a lot.

05 March 2010

the past three days we've attended a Spiritual Warfare Seminar at church which Blake immediately pointed out it's like our very own Defense Against the Dark Arts class. I mean really though. We even had a slide in the power point that, as Nikki pointed out, looked like Voldemort's profile while talking about evil. And although I MIGHT have been easily distracted today, its those moments (when i'm laughing and probably shouldn't be but can't stop) and those friends that make life great.