16 February 2011

Fabric part 3

This fabric that I found is lightweight and really slippery so the tutorial I found for making rosettes wasn't working! So I made my own :)

13 February 2011


Whitney and Kelsey.
I thought of you both RIGHT AWAY when I saw this.
This is a real store! Called NEST!
And it's as adorable as you'd imagine.
And its about a 60 second walk from my apartment. :)

fabric part 2

Probably less than an hour after I said I don't know where to find a fabric store... I found a fabric store. And purchased two meters of my "accidental favorite color" to make into... something fun and adorable. :)

But now I'm going to go make an apple tart.

11 February 2011


I'm having a hard time finding floral fabric here that I like. Partially because I probably just don't know where to look. Not sure what I need or want fabric for... but I've been looking.

Who needs Jillian Michaels...

...when you have Hudson Cash?