28 May 2011

The Weasley Family

Sewing Machine! Project 2b.

I really really love sewing.
More than I even thought I would.
I finished my second project today while watching The Phantom of the Opera.
Another apron (thanks Mom for the pattern and fabric!!)
In some ways, this one was a little more complicated than the other one. Curved seams and a more difficult ruffle. But I enjoyed the challenge of the little details, and there are some things I would do differently when making this apron in the future. {and again, I chose to omit my face because I didn't shower or put on make-up today. :) Weekends feel way more amazing when you're in school all week!}


In a lot of ways, I feel like a toddler right now. I need naps, I have kind of irrational emotions, I cried while walking to school the other morning for no other reason than I was over-tired. Not to mention, I'm pretty convinced that when I speak Spanish, I sound like Hudson does in English. And this sounds like something he would say... :)

I {heart} chairs

27 May 2011

Deathly Hallows part 2

In light of the fact that the LAST Harry Potter comes out in 48 days... I might Harry Potter spam my own blog a little bit :)

Gary Oldman

I definitely have a crush on Gary Oldman


Sewing Machine! Project 2a.

I started a new sewing project this week... slow and steady wins the race with this one. I've just worked on it in bits and pieces between Spanish class and...life this week but hopefully this weekend I can finish it. :)

chocolate sugar cookies

I think we all know by now that my mother is a genius at... well a LOT of things but especially at making delicious things to eat. She is currently obsessed with sugar cookies and has taken to inventing new kinds. Case-in-point: Chocolate Sugar Cookies. She emailed me the recipe yesterday, and since I got out of school early AND found cocoa powder, I made them. And instead of decorating them like she does, I just topped them with my favorite gnache. She is a genius I tell you.

22 May 2011


...I will go to Paris
...have something pretty for my left ring finger
...have one of these
...and a few of these
...a cozy library
...a KitchenAid mixer
...a bright sunny room
...a kitchen like this (notice the tropical trees out the window?)
...a cottage
...a sewing room
...and this in general :)
School tomorrow.
I just want to stay home and sew...