30 May 2010

happy thing 18

ballet flats


ok so i don't actually thing you need to smash your cell phone... but seriously, you can turn it off (along with the t.v.) or just leave it alone for a few hours.
i've tried to be more proactive about that, especially when i'm spending time with someone. it goes on vibrate and stays in my purse unless i actually need it.
it's started to become a pet peeve of mine when people are checking their phone non-stop instead of paying attention to the real live person they're with. it's like this subtle insult to them. we would never actually say it, and it's become unfortunately socially acceptable but we communicate this message that says "sorry, this text or facebook notification or email are more important than than you. plus you're boring me a little and i don't feel like putting forth the effort to have an undistracted conversation with you."
turn it off for awhile. i promise you won't regret it. pay attention to the people and life that's happening in front of you right now.

happy thing 17

i love Coldplay, in particular their Viva la Vida album.
i think i've listened to it a gazillion times and never get tired of it.

28 May 2010

happy thing 16


happy thing 15

or in the case of my living room right now... a nest.

happy thing 14

bowls of any kind.
this is an addiction passed on to me by my mother.

happy thing 13

silly me, before i met the Grieser family i thought i didn't like chipotle.
i am glad to have been wrong about that. :)

happy thing 12

doing art with Amiah

23 May 2010

lots of happy things

this weekend has been a happy one. lots of happy things that will go on the list eventually but this weekend included the following things which made my heart happy: Jill, beautiful weather, the farmers market, the Grieser family, jalapeƱo burgers, mowing, mulching, planting, Blake, Chipotle, a walk around campus, a cookie, sitting in the sun at a vineyard with some dear friends, and last but not least, the LOST series finale. i do believe i will extend my happy weekend into a happy week.

21 May 2010

happy thing 11


for those of you who know me, are you surprised i waited all the way till #11 before i mentioned that i love cookies? :)

garden update!

here are my little tomatoes and peppers before they were put in the ground
here they are in their new garden home!
and here's the big garden plot before we planted.
now it has plants in it and a FENCE! (to keep the rabbits out)

happy thing 10


happy thing 9

Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Pancakes. :)
I had a dream last night that I made them so when I woke up, that was top priority.
(sorry there is no picture)

20 May 2010

but seriously

my garden and i could use some warm sunny days. it seems like it's been overcast for so long.

happy thing 8


happy thing 7 (part A, B, and C)

floral prints. i am kind of obsessed with floral prints right now.
also i prefer to live in skirts
and also dresses.

happy thing 6

mason jars.
lately i've been drinking my smoothie out of a mason jar.
someday when i get married i will have them on tables with flowers in them.

17 May 2010

happy thing 5

i love tea

happy thing 4

popsicles. i've been feeling a bit under the weather (and by a bit i mean, i feel like the weather sat on my chest) and Blake bought me some popsicles. which makes me happy.

15 May 2010

happy thing 3

books. i love to read and i love books.
a library on a beach??
apparently this is at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.
can i go there please?

happy thing 2

my aprons.
honestly, i often forget to wear them while cooking but when i do, i love it.
makes me feel like i stepped out of the 1950's.
(special thanks to Bethany for taking this delightful picture of my apron)

13 May 2010

happy thing 1

lets review, i love beds of all shapes and cozy sizes.

happy things

i saw somewhere or another on a blog i was reading, the author was making a happy list. i liked that idea so i'm going to make a list of 100 things that make me happy. and maybe more. but we'll start with 100. hopefully everyday-ish i'll post something new, in no particular order, that makes me happy.

today is it.

07 May 2010

The Clamms

Easter 2010- the whole Clamm Family!
Christmas 2008 before we even knew we were Clamms
i just love them all so much.

05 May 2010


short article about the negative affects of t.v. watching for kids...

04 May 2010


How amazing is this garden? I have to remind myself occasionally that I'm moving to Madrid for 5 years and not for life. I will only be 30 when our cycle is done. I have plenty of life to live and maybe someday I could have a garden like this. HOWEVER, it is often a daily battle to just BE where I am. I often imagine this ideal, simple life where I live in the same fantastically quaint home for 50 years where my children can run around outside, where I can make homemade things and slow down the pace of life, where I can sit on the front porch with my love and drink tea every night. I have to remind myself that what God has called me to NOW is the next 5 years in Madrid, and that's where I need to be. Although it looks nothing like this ideal in my mind, it will be an amazing adventure. And I know I will love it. Because at the end of the day, it comes down to a choice to be content and love where you are.

03 May 2010


so... we had a bonfire at the clark family residence and it was delightful.
(sorry this post is soooooo long)
it was kind of windy... maybe a bit chilly too...
hellooooo blue kittykat eyes
ok and smoky... maybe it's just bobbi....
sooooooooo many things i love about this picture.
boyfriend + best friend + family = happy ashley
so. many. hotdog. jokes.
nick demonstrating how bake cooks his hotdogs.
love. this.
bestest pally wallys