27 June 2011


In light of the giant thunderstorm in Lincoln...
this is dedicated to everyone at home.

25 June 2011

The Perennial Plate

Stacy Kay introduced me to a little something called The Perennial Plate.
Daniel Klein and his girlfriend Mirra travel around making weekly documentary-style videos of cooking, gardening and hunting adventures. It's amazing. (And I probably have a little crush on Daniel because he's so adorable.) This is the first video I saw and I was hooked...

The Perennial Plate Episode 3: A trip to Milan, MN from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Jill's here!!!!

I stole all these from her blog :)
Here's all the neat gifts my mother sent!
And my very favoritest hairspray from Bobbi-Haircut
Looking fancy in Puerta del Sol
Some after-school coffee... good to know they can spell her name right
(is this really what I look like after school? that's too bad)
In our plaza. With a delicious pizza.
The girls were *thrilled* that I was taking creeper pictures of them
Blake's pretty excited too it looks like.
Oh yes. Jill really is intently studying the Reina Sophia map.
You can visit Jill's blog for a more detailed look at the past few days. Including her observation about how I'm 10 times funnier in person then via the internet. :)

unas vacaciones

In about 2 weeks, Jill, Katie and I will be here.
{{sigh}} it's going to be really difficult and stressful...
but someone has to do it.

19 June 2011


Nikki sent me a blog with a cute little dress tutorial the other day so I used some of the fabric I bought and made a dress! It was so easy!
(minus the fact that I sewed the top part on INSIDE OUT!! grrr)
*rip rip rip. re-sew*
((also please excuse this picture. it's so special for so many reasons... the end of a hot week of school and sleeping poorly... and I'm standing on the toilet.))
But ta-da! a dress!
And then I made Nikki one too with Pirate material :)