22 November 2011

Madrid part 1 with the Clark Family

Look who's here! I'm an expert at hauling luggage all over kingdom come.
Chinese food!
My magazine debuted while my family was here! How fun. :)
Clearly this photo was pre-haircut. My bangs are out of control.
We tried to go shopping but it started to pour rain...
"Guys there is a Starbucks right around the corner here."
Around the corner-ish... we were soaked.
Harry Potter and dinner!
Charlie Chaplain was getting a *little* too close.
(This is the Royal Palace, by the way)
Twinsies and twinsies.
Plaza de EspaƱa
We did some other things... which I don't have pictures of. And it rained. A LOT. Which was a bummer because it doesn't typically rain very much in Madrid. However, we still had an amazing time. Then we rented a car and drove south.


I had a much needed night of tea, Coldplay, and google chat.

I'm back! Sort of...

Hello long-lost blog! Ok not exactly long-lost... but whatever. It's been awhile. Since I last posted... I had a few busy weeks in Madrid, followed by a few amazing weeks with my family. LOTS of pictures! I'll post some soon, I promise.