29 February 2012

B is for Boden

Boden's first birthday was yesterday so I made him a little friend.
It was a really fun little project... and now I'm wondering about making different letters and selling them on Etsy. Or perhaps taking custom orders. :)

Rainy Days

Times I really enjoy unemployment: Rainy days.


Amiah spent the night tonight and painted my nails. We also had cupcakes in the shape of ice cream cones, collected eggs, watched Anne of Green Gables, and had a lot of giggling when there should have been sleeping.

27 February 2012

How the oscars SHOULD have gone

Gary Oldman and Colin Firth- all the awards for being handsome (and amazing).

Angelina Jolie- tie between the "narcissistic thigh" award, the "most in need of a cheeseburger" award, or, the likely win, the "just because you're an actress doesn't mean you have good stage presence" award.

Bradley Cooper- the "welcome to the elite club of men I find attractive in a mustache" award.

Jennifer Lopez- the "I'm pretty sure your nipple was showing a little bit on national television for several minutes" award.
Cameron Diaz- the "you're not that funny and a little irrelevant" award.

Tim Gunn- the award for my favorite pre-game quote of the night, saying that standing next to Brad Pitt in his tux made him feel "sartorially sloppy."

Emma Stone and Robert Downey Jr.- all the awards for being the best presenters.

Chris Rock- the "please let him host next year" award.


That's all I have for now. Any awards YOU would add?

25 February 2012

20 February 2012

Singer 403 Slant O Matic

I found this Singer sewing machine (set in a gorgeous oak desk) while antiquing with my dad the other day... It sews like a dream and it was a STEAL. My mom did some research and found it's the heavy duty deluxe model from 1951... and worth waaaaaaay more than I paid for it! It will be great to have a machine that can power through things (like jeans) that my other machine can't. Plus, look how cute!

18 February 2012

Envelope Clutch

I found this pattern here and decided to give it a whirl tonight. It didn't take as long as I thought it would, and I got to experience the joys and frustrations of piping. Thankfully my mom was nearby working on her own project for me to say "ACK!" to when I realized I made a mistake. BUT! All's well that ends well. :) And bonus, I think all together it cost me about $4

14 February 2012

knit one, pearl one

I'm learning how to cable knit... I decided to go big or go home and I'm starting out with a blanket for my sister for her birthday.

Is it springtime yet?

Patti and I are going to grow a vegetable garden this summer. I'm so excited!