30 December 2011

Salobreña part 3

Oops! Missed a whole day of vacation. Guess these will just have to be out of order. :)

We ventured into the little town of Salobreña and visited the castle, the beach and had lunch by the sea.

Madrid part 2 with the Clark family

After we drove home from the coast, we made some soup and had a cozy rainy night in our temporary apartment.
We visited the cloistered nuns for cookies...
My dad was a little obsessed with these potato chips so we had to get some one last time.
We met Captain Jack Sparrow in Sol
That cursed mug...
Chicken and cider at Casa Mingo
My dad kept asking me thinks like "So how does such and such in Spain compare to the States" and the girls started making fun of him and making Venn diagrams.
It was sooo good to have my family visit and get to see a little bit of my life in Madrid.

04 December 2011

Salobreña part 2

In light of the fact that it was Sunday and nothing was open, we hung around the hotel and relaxed. Bobbi discovered this cove down some very Jane Austen novel-like stairs, so we spent quite a bit of time here looking for rocks and enjoying the sea.

Right after this, a big wave came and soaked her :)
The cutest parents in the world, climbing back to the top.
Later, Bryan and Jayme (who can't sit still for too long) and Patti went to explore the nearest town and Bobs and I enjoyed a soda and our books.

Salobreña part 1

After a few days in Madrid, we rented a car and drove down to the coast.
Here are our simple little directions for getting out of the city...
A popcorn machine! Brilliant!
And a round-the-clock coffee machine!
And we ended our day with a yummy dinner :)

22 November 2011

Madrid part 1 with the Clark Family

Look who's here! I'm an expert at hauling luggage all over kingdom come.
Chinese food!
My magazine debuted while my family was here! How fun. :)
Clearly this photo was pre-haircut. My bangs are out of control.
We tried to go shopping but it started to pour rain...
"Guys there is a Starbucks right around the corner here."
Around the corner-ish... we were soaked.
Harry Potter and dinner!
Charlie Chaplain was getting a *little* too close.
(This is the Royal Palace, by the way)
Twinsies and twinsies.
Plaza de España
We did some other things... which I don't have pictures of. And it rained. A LOT. Which was a bummer because it doesn't typically rain very much in Madrid. However, we still had an amazing time. Then we rented a car and drove south.