28 August 2011

I wish I could go to Chipotle with the Griesers!


We needed to get out of the heat (and contamination)... Thankfully Madrid is only a quick train ride away from mountains and fresh air.

On our way Nikki said, "I hope there's a dog there!" and there was :)

The award for the quote of the day goes to Nikki: "She looks like she's ready to climb a mountain. Ashley looks like she's ready for fairy-times in the forest."

"I like to stand on rocks"

We climbed around, breathed clean air, found a magical patch of grass by the water, read, napped, ate snacks, picked berries, fed the ducks, stared at nature, got attacked a little by bees, and enjoyed hearing only wind and cowbells. It was absolutely perfect weather and we had so much fun. The only thing missing from our happy times was Erin.

22 August 2011

Reason #293857928 why I love my sewing machine

I can buy those super-cheap-don't-quite-fit-right things off the sale rack and fix them so they DO fit. :)
Ok and one Zefron picture...
Because the Husker football season starts in 12 days.
and he's Zefron.
Punch Brothers and The Fellowship of the Ring.
Goooooooood night.

Ode to my turquoise ring

This is my ring. It was made by my great-grandpa, and given to me by my Grandma Wini. I love turquoise and it's so perfect in it's imperfections. It matches everything, fits perfectly, and lately, I wear it almost every day.
((a hand model I am not))
(I believe Jill's exact words about this dress were "If that dress had longer sleeves and a longer hem-line... you would look like an old lady. But, as it is, it's a cute dress.")

21 August 2011

men's wear

I'm kind of obsessed with men's wear right now.

a fall wardrobe

I love summer. I love the sun and dresses and spending the whole day in my swimming suit. But I'm really really really excited for autumn and the clothes that come with.

these pink skinnies from J. Crew are taunting me! I want them!
and I'm obsessed with yellow ochre right now.