19 March 2012


Last week Amiah was on spring break, so Wednesday the kids came out to the farm for the day and ended up spending the night. We had homemade donuts, played outside a LOT and ended the day with a bonfire and too-late bedtime. It was such a good day and made me thankful for my current unemployed status. :)

15 March 2012


It came today! I only had time to grab the recipe book before I raced out the door. And now I'm sitting here, Guardian of the Door at LBC, paging through the recipes. I am just so excited to blend things :) IT MAKES HOT SOUP!! A more thorough post once I've had the chance to get it out and use it!

08 March 2012

"My Best Friend's Wedding" moment of the day...

Alternately titled: Why did I go several places today with so many sunglasses on my person??
Alternately titled: This is why I never have sunglasses in my car when I need them.

((My Best Friend's Wedding reference? Toward the end when she (spoiler alert) is racing after him, professing her love, she has like three different pairs of sunglasses on her head/shirt/face))

A FREE iced venti soy latte!

March Photo A Day :: Window

I took a friend to the airport in Omaha this morning and, since I wasn't in a hurry, I took the back roads home. There's a little town I often pass through on my way to or from somewhere and today I stopped for a few minutes. I love small towns. This teeny tiny building made me so curious what it was like before it was like this.

07 March 2012

03 March 2012


I got to the girls house last night, only to find that (unintentionally) Jayme was dressed like Bobbi, Bobbi was dressed like me and I was dressed like Jayme...

(Sorry the photo is a little blurry... I blame Jill and her left handed-ness)

March Photo A Day :: Fruit

Eating strawberries and reading my new fantasy novel.

02 March 2012